Portrait of Joshua Seidman PhD

Guiding Principles for Stage 1 Meaningful Use Adjustments

Joshua Seidman PhD | July 30, 2010

The release of the CMS Medicare & Medicaid EHR Incentive Program Final Rule [link] on July 14 marked the end of the Stage 1 process for defining “meaningful use.” The final steps of that process involved reviewing, synthesizing, analyzing and reacting to more than 2,200 comments received from the public. The comments addressed big-picture principles and arcane details, and just about everything in between. We were very grateful for the public input and are very excited to announce the Stage 1 Meaningful Use requirements.

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Portrait of Joy Pritts

Health IT Privacy and Security

Joy Pritts | July 8, 2010

Privacy and security are the bedrock of building trust in health information exchange. The proposed modifications to the HIPAA Privacy & Security Rules, announced today, are a significant step forward in HHS’s efforts to protect patient privacy rights while encouraging the adoption of electronic health information exchange.  The next phase of this process is just as important—obtaining public feedback and suggestions concerning the proposed rules.   The comment period will begin once the rule is published in the Federal Register on July 14. 

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Portrait of Dr. David Blumenthal

Temporary EHR Certification Program and List

Dr. David Blumenthal | June 18, 2010

A surgeon can’t operate without the proper equipment. A clinician can’t achieve meaningful use of electronic health records without an EHR that is designed to improve patient care and practice efficiency.
The Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services announces today a big step in ensuring that clinicians can easily identify EHRs and EHR modules that have the capabilities needed to achieve meaningful use and thereby reap the financial incentives offered by Medicare and Medicaid.

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