EHR Interoperability Training Module Suite Online Now at

Lee Stevens | May 23, 2013

The State HIE Program Policy Office and the Regional Extension Center Program are excited to report that the full suite of five Interoperability Training Modules to support the attainment of Stage 2 Meaningful Use measures is now available at  Designed for ONC grantees, providers and implementers, these five modules help guide stakeholders from the elementary level of EHR interoperability all the way to how the technical details of the process are designed and to meeting Stage 2 MU data exchange requirements.

Enhancing health care with EHR interoperability

As we stated in the beginning of this process toward EHR interoperability, the value of any technical product or service is greatly enhanced by interoperability with other products and services that give users more options and benefits.  Interoperability = Enhanced Value for everyone.

Today we believe the Office of the National Coordinator is taking a significant step in increasing EHR interoperability and enhancing value at every point along the health care continuum.

Training modules provide a comprehensive look at EHR interoperability

The suite of five training modules is self-paced and can be taken as frequently as needed.  To effectively inform and guide the process they are broken up into five distinct training lessons associated with aspects of Stage 2 Meaningful Use:

  1. Interoperability basics
  2. Transitions of care between care providers and care venues
  3. Lab interoperability between hospitals and ambulatory providers
  4. View, download, and transmit of information between patients and providers
  5. Transmission of information to public health agencies

The five training modules, collectively, provide a map of Stage 2 Meaningful Use attainment that helps answer the “who, what, when and where” of achieving EHR interoperability.

We have worked hard to develop relatable use cases designed around practical workflows and provide management tools so it is easier to understand who is accountable for each element.  Whether the responsibility is yours, your vendor’s, or your HIE service provider’s, you can find that guidance here.

Do you have questions about EHR interoperability or the training modules?

Please contact Lee Stevens, State HIE Policy Office Director, at or REC Program Analyst Larry Jessup at