A Unified Identity for Health IT

Peter Garrett | August 27, 2010

As Dr. David Blumenthal, National Coordinator for Health IT, wrote in recent blog, health IT is a team effort – one that requires different players working together toward the common goals of increased coordination, quality, safety, and efficiency in our health care system.

The HITECH Act is helping to gather an all-star team whose members come from across different governmental agencies and departments as well as private-sector partners, including universities, health systems and medical centers across the country. This team is working together to carry out a wide array of programs and projects to advance nationwide adoption and meaningful use of electronic health records. These include the Regional Extension Centers, Beacon Communities, Workforce Development programs, and more.

I am pleased today to announce our new unifying theme that reflects the teamwork taking place across the country: “Connecting America for Better Health.”  This message clearly illustrates one of HITECH’s guiding principles – namely, that we are all in this together.

The new theme and visual identity, which appears at the top of this web page, really captures the spirit of these combined efforts to boost national adoption of electronic health records and ensure success. The insignia will also help people easily identify and connect with official HITECH information, resources, programs, and partners.

But the “connecting” doesn’t end there. Providers, software developers, health care administrators, and patients are our partners in this effort to transform our health care system through health IT. Electronic health records and health information exchange are the tools that will connect us all and help bring about better health care for America.