Regional Extension Centers

Portrait of Theresa Walunas

Finding a Personal Meaning in Meaningful Use

Theresa Walunas | March 16, 2011

At the Chicago Health Information Technology Regional Extension Center (CHITREC) we’ve had many discussions about what Meaningful Use means. We’ve discussed core sets, menu sets, quality measurements, numerators, denominators, eligibility thresholds, attestation, electronic health record (EHR) certification and reporting tools. On the surface, Meaningful Use looks to be a very complicated thing. Why else would we need 62 Regional Extension Centers, a national outreach program, and a small army of talented clinical and technical people across the country to help our health care providers achieve it?

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Portrait of Mat Kendall

Regional Extension Centers Supporting EHR Adoption

Mat Kendall | December 14, 2010

The Regional Extension Centers (RECs) located across the country play a critical role in advancing the use of health information technology (health IT). They are charged with guiding some 100,000 health care providers in their efforts to establish and meaningfully use electronic health records in their practices. They offer a variety of services including outreach and education, and on-the-ground assistance.

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Portrait of Mat Kendall

ONC’s RECs Prepare to Provide Meaningful Use Help

Mat Kendall | August 11, 2010

To support the adoption and meaningful use of electronic health records, ONC has funded 60 Regional Extension Centers (RECs) across the country. The goal of the RECs is to provide outreach, education, and on-site technical assistance to support 100,000 primary care physicians implementing electronic health records (EHRs) into their practices and working to attain meaningful use of their systems.

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Portrait of Joshua Seidman

Regional Extension Centers Are Enabling Meaningful Use for All

Joshua Seidman | February 18, 2010

A common concern about health information technology (health IT) adoption is that it may not be feasible for small practices and those serving safety-net populations. Due to economies of scale, implementation and meaningful use of health IT is far less daunting for larger, commercial health care organizations. Even so, some small practices and community health centers around the country are actively defying that statement.

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