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Portrait of Don Rucker

Coming to ONC – One Informaticist’s Journey

Don Rucker | June 15, 2017

EMRs, EHRs, and Medical Computing
These are exciting times for the software industry, with extraordinary new products and services on devices from phones and tablets to their backend enterprise servers. We need this dynamism in software development to provide increased interoperability and usability to patients and clinicians.

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Portrait of Dr. Karen B. DeSalvo

A Foundation for Discovering Clinical Health IT Applications

Dr. Karen B. DeSalvo | June 1, 2016

Every day across America, health information technology (health IT) professionals and development teams are creating interoperability solutions using application programming interfaces (APIs). As this surge of innovation grows with each passing year, the likelihood that teams across the nation are creating similar or duplicative health IT applications is also increasing. Unfortunately, our capability to search for, discover, compare, and test existing applications has been limited and this lack of available information may contribute to a lag in the diffusion of innovation across the health IT application ecosystem.

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Portrait of Dr. Vindell Washington

From Haiti to Health IT: My Journey to ONC

Dr. Vindell Washington | May 26, 2016

I found my passion for health information technology (health IT) in the unlikeliest of places: a combat support hospital in Haiti. During my time as a Captain in the U.S. Army, I was assigned to support the 18th Airborne Corps. While deployed in Port-au-Prince, a superbly fit 20-something fellow soldier presented to my colleagues and me with confusing signs and symptoms. He came to our field hospital emergency department appearing generally ill with a rash, and we knew neither his diagnosis and appropriate treatment nor his prognosis.

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