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Portrait of Dr. Karen B. DeSalvo

Spotlighting Our Legislative Proposals to Better Foster the Flow of Health Information

Dr. Karen B. DeSalvo | May 16, 2016

We have witnessed dramatic changes in the adoption and use of health information technology (health IT) over the past decade. The nation has transformed from paper-based record keeping into an environment where nearly all of the nation’s hospitals and three-quarters of the nation’s eligible providers are using certified health IT. And from accessible electronic health records to wearable fitness devices and health trackers on smart phones, health IT gives each individual the tools to actively manage their health like never before

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Portrait of Dr. Karen B. DeSalvo

Moving Toward Improved Care Through Information

Dr. Karen B. DeSalvo | April 27, 2016

Seven years ago, Congress passed a law to spur the country to digitize the health care experience for Americans and connect doctor’s practices and hospitals, thereby modernizing patient care through the Electronic Health Records (EHRs) Incentive Programs, also known as “Meaningful Use.” Before this shift began, many providers did not have the capital to invest in health information technology and patient information was siloed in paper records.  Since then, we have made incredible progress, with nearly all hospitals and three-quarters of doctors using EHRs.

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Portrait of Leila Samy

Happy National Rural Health Day! Learn How ONC is Helping Rural Providers Get Connected

Leila Samy | November 19, 2015

Today we celebrate the work of rural communities around the country that are working with ONC to bring health IT innovation into their practices, including initiatives that 1) help rural and poor communities locate financing and facilitate broadband connectivity to support health information exchange and telehealth infrastructure and 2) leverage health IT and Blue Button to improve care coordination for rural Veterans who seek care both within the VA and their local community providers.

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Portrait of Thomas A. Mason

ONC Grant Funding Opportunities Help Advance Interoperable Health IT, Leverage Community Best Practices and Train the New Health IT Workforce

Thomas A. Mason | July 28, 2015

The grants will fund community and state-based initiatives that help advance health information sharing, enable community members to work together to improve population health, improve the interoperability of health IT systems and continue efforts to train and nurture the health IT workforce.

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