Electronic Health & Medical Records

Portrait of Kerry Souza

Health Centers Are Leading Efforts to Incorporate Patient Work Information into Electronic Health Records

Kerry Souza | August 15, 2014

Community health centers are the largest providers of health care to underserved individuals in the United States and in many communities are at the forefront of health IT innovation. Health centers have long worked to improve the quality and efficiency of the care they provide, and have adopted health IT as a tool to facilitate that improvement.

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Portrait of Kathy Kenyon

Promoting Patient Safety by Managing Health IT Risks

Kathy Kenyon | July 10, 2014

Everyone agrees that health IT safety is important.  Promoting Patient Safety Through Effective Health Information Technology Risk Management is a research report that looks into the challenges faced by hospitals and ambulatory practices that implement health IT risk management interventions.  The research was conducted by RAND Corporation and the ECRI Institute under contract to ONC.

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Portrait of Larry Jessup

Health IT-enabled infrastructure helps reduce American Indian and Alaska Natives health disparities

Larry Jessup | April 25, 2014

American Indian and Alaska Natives (AI/AN) face disproportionate health outcomes compared to other Americans.[1] The adoption and meaningful use of electronic health record (EHRs) technology may help to reduce this gap. Like other Americans, many of these individuals have multiple providers in multiple states and EHRs have the potential to provide reliable, consistent patient data that can follow patients wherever they get their care.

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Portrait of Dominick Mack

Health IT: Improving Access and Driving Change in Healthcare for Communities of Color

Dominick Mack | April 21, 2014

Health care providers are leveraging the benefits of the increasing interoperability and portability of health information to improve population health outcomes. For communities that have historically experienced disparities in care, the uptake of EHRs and other forms of health IT  is good news – as long as the providers and patients in these communities have accessibility to the technology.

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