Consumer Engagement

Portrait of Caroline Coy

PHR Ignite Demonstrates Exchange of Consumer Health Information

Caroline Coy | May 15, 2014

For Shannon Parker, a mom in Salem, Oregon, having access to a Personal Health Record (PHR) updated with her son’s latest health information allows her to put her son at the center of his care – no matter where he’s being treated. This means giving her an electronic tool she can use to coordinate her son’s care for brittle bone disease so she can work with her local pediatrician and a specialist all the way in Omaha,

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Portrait of Lygeia Ricciardi

Introducing the Blue Button Connector

Lygeia Ricciardi | February 24, 2014

Today at the HIMSS conference in Orlando ONC demonstrated the Blue Button Connector. This early release of the Connector website is an invitation to members of the growing Blue Button community to help to improve the website before it is more widely marketed to consumers and developers.  

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Portrait of Nick Sinai

Leading Pharmacies and Retailers Join Blue Button Initiative

Nick Sinai | February 7, 2014

Today, as part of the growing movement to help customers access and securely share their own health information, several of the Nation’s largest retail pharmacy chains and associations are pledging to support the Blue Button initiative—a public-private partnership between the health care industry and the Federal Government that aims to empower all Americans with access to their own electronic health information. These steps will help patients access their prescription information and further empower millions of Americans to better manage their healthcare.

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Portrait of Jodi G. Daniel

Person @ Center: Envisioning the Health IT-Enabled Future of Health from the Person’s Perspective

Jodi G. Daniel | January 10, 2014

When I started at ONC nearly a decade ago, there was a lot of talk about “patient-centered care” and how health IT supports this view.  Most of the comments I heard throughout the health care and health IT space were about having the health care provider obtain a more complete view of the patient.  I was struck by the “provider-centric” thinking around patient care. 

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