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The Power of the Blue Button

Lygeia Ricciardi | October 1, 2012

In August 2010, just 25 months ago,  President Obama announced that the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) was going to make Veterans’ personal health records available to them online with something called the “Blue Button.”  Blue Button is an incredibly simple idea. It puts electronic information in the hands of patients—safely, reliably, and conveniently.   

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Engaging Patients Early: The “VDT Now” Twitter Pledge

Lygeia Ricciardi | September 19, 2012

Last week, ONC kicked off National Health IT Week with the Consumer HealthIT Summit, a celebration of progress in consumer engagement through health IT, and an opportunity to catalyze yet more action among stakeholders such as patients, providers, payers, IT developers, consumer advocacy organizations, and electronic health record (EHR) vendors in the near future.  A few highlights:

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Call for Participation in the Automate Blue Button Initiative: Enhancing Consumer Access to Health Information

Lygeia Ricciardi | August 9, 2012

We need your help! In response to feedback received during the June 4 Patient Access Summit, ONC and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) will soon be launching an initiative to automate “Blue Button”  by developing standards and specifications that allow patients to not only download their health information to their personal computer, but also to privately and securely automate the sending of that data from their health care providers to their personal health records,

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Informing National Priorities for Research on the Use of Health IT to Support Patient-Centered Communication and Care Coordination for Cancer

Lygeia Ricciardi | July 9, 2012

A diverse group of researchers, industry leaders, clinicians, and patient advocates gathered in Washington, D.C. on June 7, 2012 to provide input on a national research agenda for patient engagement using health information technology (health IT) to support patient-centered communication and care coordination for cancer.

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