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Lucia Savage, J.D. is Chief Privacy & Regulatory Officer at Omada Health, expertise at the intersection of HealthIT, Privacy, and Policy. With more than two decades of experience in employee benefits and healthcare, Lucia is a well-known expert on privacy, Health Information Technology, healthcare transparency and performance measurement, quality improvement, health information exchange, employer health insurance exchanges and ERISA healthcare benefits.

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HIPAA Supports Electronic Exchange of Health Information at the Federal, State, and Local Level

Lucia Savage | January 11, 2017

Important work to ensure the health system is functioning properly is conducted by a wide variety of entities at the federal, state, and local level. These agencies may license health care professionals or health insurance companies, administer a state Medicaid program, monitor compliance and efficacy of health care programs, and even ensure individual civil rights related to how organizations use patients’ health information. This important work sometimes requires that the oversight agency receive health information about individuals,

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A Road Map for States: Addressing Privacy and Policy Barriers to the Availability and Flow of Electronic Health Information

Lucia Savage | December 9, 2016

Data show that individuals expect to be able to access their health information, making it readily accessible and securely shared among their health care providers to support effective clinical decision-making. And here at the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC), we are committed to providing the electronic health information infrastructure to support the nation’s transition to a health system that rewards quality over quantity to achieve better care,

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New Resources to Help Providers Maintain Access to Protected Health Information

Lucia Savage | November 1, 2016

As electronic health record (EHR) adoption becomes widespread, and providers increasingly embrace the patient engagement opportunities of digital health, EHR customers look to EHR vendors to ensure that health information is available where and when it is needed. And yet we know from our experience that many providers continue to face challenges when they seek access to protected health information (PHI)—challenges that could impact patient care and safety. That’s why we are highlighting two recent resources that improve the awareness of EHR vendors’ obligations to make health information available to their health care provider customers.

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Educating Health App Developers about Regulatory Requirements

Lucia Savage | June 21, 2016

These days it doesn’t require a degree in computer science to create a health app.  Developers of these apps can be technologists, clinicians, or patients using their knowledge and experience in health care. All can develop new health tools that range from tracking heart healthy behaviors to using electronic calendars to reminding us of health appointments. 

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