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Inferno Redesigned: Easier, Faster, Extensible

John Bender | March 8, 2022

ONC is excited to announce the launch of the Inferno Framework and the (g)(10) Standardized API Test Kit, the new version of the testing method for the § 170.315(g)(10) criterion in the ONC Health IT Certification Program (Certification Program). This new edition of Inferno is the product of a continued evolution of health IT standards testing and is designed to be more useful for health IT developers and easier for the health IT community to leverage for different types of standards conformance testing.

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Calling all Beta Testers: New Opportunity to help ONC Update the Inferno Test Tool

John Bender | January 27, 2022

Beginning March 2022, Inferno, ONC’s test tool for the “standardized API for patient and population services” certification criterion, will support beta testing for the Health Level Seven (HL7®) Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR®) US Core Implementation Guide (IG) 4.0.0. This new version is expected to include several enhancements from version 3.1.1 and we’re looking for early feedback from health IT developers who are interested in using the new version in the future as part of Inferno testing.

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ONC Mentors + Computer Science Graduate Students + Inferno = Campus on FHIR

John Bender | May 20, 2021

To promote and support the consistent development and implementation of the Health Level Seven (HL7®) International® Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources® (FHIR®) standard and associated implementation guides, ONC launched the Inferno testing suite a few years back. Inferno supports the ONC Health IT Certification Program through a set of streamlined tests for software services seeking to meet the requirements of the 2015 Edition Cures Update’s “Standardized API for Patient and Population Services certification criterion” and also includes a “community” aspect to it,

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Application Programming Interfaces in Health IT

John Bender | June 11, 2020

Application programming interfaces (APIs) are powerful tools that help support interoperability in healthcare. Simply put, APIs allow a software “Application A” to interact with a software “Application B” without Application A needing to know how Application B’s software is designed internally. APIs can be used for several things, including the ability to for software applications to share information. From the example above, Application A could request information from Application B or ask Application B to place a pushpin on a map at a specific longitude and latitude.

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