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Educating Health App Developers about Regulatory Requirements

Helen Caton-Peters, MSN, RN | June 21, 2016

These days it doesn’t require a degree in computer science to create a health app.  Developers of these apps can be technologists, clinicians, or patients using their knowledge and experience in health care. All can develop new health tools that range from tracking heart healthy behaviors to using electronic calendars to reminding us of health appointments. 

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Shining a Light on Secure Health Big Data and Digital Privacy

Helen Caton-Peters, MSN, RN | September 24, 2015

Through the proliferation of software applications and mobile technology, the amount of identifiable health information being collected, analyzed, and used is growing exponentially. As the volume, velocity, and variety of such information activities continue to grow, ONC is looking at how to protect that information from potential risks that may arise from unknown and inappropriate use.

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