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ONC Publishes Final Federal Health IT Strategic Plan 2015-2020

Gretchen Wyatt | September 21, 2015

Most people that use GPS navigation apps aren’t concerned with the backend development, the standards used, or whether the app is interoperable with other data sources – people just want to arrive at their destination quickly and safely. Similarly, when faced with critical health care choices, having the information and tools to help individuals, providers, and communities safely arrive at their health destinations should be as efficient and accessible as a GPS. Health information technology (IT) is the key to getting us where we want to go – allowing for seamless use of information and technology to overcome challenges and make decisions.

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The Federal Strategy For Collecting, Sharing, And Using Electronic Health Information

Gretchen Wyatt | December 8, 2014

Making our nation’s health and wellness infrastructure interoperable is a top priority for the Administration, and government plays a vital role in advancing this effort. Federal agencies are purchasers, regulators, and users of health information technology (health IT), as they set policy and insure, pay for care, or provide direct patient care for millions of Americans. They also contribute toward protecting and promoting community health, fund health and human services, invest in infrastructure, as well as develop and implement policies and regulations to advance science and support research.

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