ONC’s Global Health IT Efforts


Advancing health IT is a global issue relevant to the world. ONC’s mission is to “improve the health and well-being of individuals and communities through the use of technology and health information that is accessible when and where it matters most.” We work at HHS and ONC to attain this through domestic and global efforts. This is essential in a time-period where we are connected more globally than ever with international travel, global economies, worldwide commerce, public health emergency responses, etc. As digital health innovation and advancement occur globally every day, it is vital that ONC represents US health IT efforts and equities in fast-moving global digital health discussions to ensure our domestic efforts align with worldwide efforts and vice versa. With this rapid pace of advancement, it is essential for ONC to collaborate with our global counterparts to have substantive discussions to advance key elements of digital health so nations can use those best practices at-home and also collaboratively with other nations to yield better patient outcomes, reduce administrative burden on providers, empower patients to access their health data, and more. ONC engages with global health IT stakeholders in a plethora of ways, including through bi-lateral and multi-lateral meetings and events, summits, multi-national organizations, collaboration with country governments, and the Global Digital Health Partnership.

ONC’s stakeholders range from HHS programs to external multi-national organizations comprising numerous countries and territories.

ONC Global Collaboration

Global Digital Health Partnership (GDHP)

The GDHP is a collaboration of government, government agencies and the World Health Organization (WHO) - including the U.S. - supporting the effective implementation of digital health services.

Collaboration with the European Union (EU)

This memorandum of understanding between the US and EU highlights one way that ONC, HHS, and the US are partnering with key global digital health partners to facilitate the implementation and use of health IT to advance patient-centered care in all concerned regions.

Bi-Lateral and Multi-Lateral Engagement Efforts

ONC engages with a plethora of stakeholders through vehicles such as bi-lateral and multi-lateral engagements. These engagements have led to sharing of digital health best practices, discussing strategies to overcome health IT obstacles, and brainstorming mutually beneficial projects that help all involved parties advance digital health in their regions and globally.

Engagement with Country Governments and Multi-National Organizations

ONC regularly works with digital health government agencies in countries and territories to discuss mutually beneficial health IT best practices, opportunities for digital health within their nations, and areas for collaboration within their nations. ONC also engages through multi-national organizations to collaborate with multiple countries and territories at one time for this work.

Collaboration with the United Kingdom (UK)

This memorandum of understanding between the US and the UK is the continuation of over four years of work centered on exchanging ideas, harmonizing standards, and understanding how each country and health system uses health IT.