Health IT for Pediatric Care and Practice Settings

Health IT can be used to support the safe and effective health care of children. In response to the requirements set forth in section 4001 of the Cures Act, ONC has:

  1. Developed ten recommendations for the voluntary certification of health IT for pediatric care that does NOT include a separate certification program for pediatric care and practice settings.
  2. Identified current 2015 Edition certification and the proposed criteria that support pediatric care and practice settings.
  3. Focused on non-regulatory initiatives that are nimble and responsive to stakeholders, including development of informational resources to support setting-specific implementation that aligns with the ONC Health IT Certification Program.

This content on pediatric health IT compiles relevant documents as part of ONC’s notice of proposed rulemaking to improve the interoperability of health information, including recommendations for pediatric health IT voluntary certification criteria. 

Additional Information:

View the ONC Interoperability Standards Advisory (ISA) pediatric content.

Access previous rulemaking relevant to pediatric care and types of care and practice settings:

  • Vital Signs, BMI, and Growth Charts: 80 FR 62682
  • CCDS Vital signs including optional reference range/growth curve for three pediatric vital signs: 80 FR 62695
  • Requirement of health IT limit a user’s ability to electronically prescribe oral, liquid medications in only metric: 80 FR 62643
  • Types of Care and Practice Settings: 80 FR 62704
Content last reviewed on March 6, 2019
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