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Testing and Utilities

The ONC Tech Lab's Testing and Utilities page supports a collaborative work environment for health IT developers and providers to test tools, test their health IT functionality in the field, and coordinate with leading industry experts on the development of additional testing resources and testing events.

Refining or customizing a health IT system’s functionality can sometimes have unintended consequences. For that reason, developers of health IT use utilities and testing tools to ensure the systems perform the way they were intended to perform. In addition, the tools are used in the testing and tweaking of these systems to improve usability, reduce the burden of users and speed up, rather than slow down, clinical workflow.

Below is a curated list of testing tools and utilities for health IT developers and providers. Check out the full list on the Tech Lab.

ONC Health IT Certification Test Tools - 2015 Edition

Testing Tools and Utilities


Synthetic Test Data Generators



Provider Testing Tool

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