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Beacon Community Program

Southern Piedmont Beacon Community (Concord, NC)

The state of North Carolina

Overview and Goals

Southern Piedmont Beacon Community (SPBC) is one of 17 Beacon Communities building and strengthening local health IT infrastructure and testing innovative approaches to make measurable improvements in health, care and cost. Meaningful Use of electronic health records (EHR) is the foundation of the exciting work in each community. Funded by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, and led by Community Care of Southern Piedmont (one of the networks of Community Care of North Carolina, a national leader in care management for at risk populations), SPBC’s key objectives include:

  • Decreasing preventable hospital readmissions for high-risk/high-cost populations by improving patient and provider preparation for the transitional period post-discharge
  • Promoting appropriate emergency department utilization for high-risk/high-cost populations
  • Improving chronic disease management
  • Ensuring seamless, cost-efficient transitions for patients moving between healthcare settings by deploying technology-supported staff dedicated to enhanced care coordination
  • Developing a state-wide health IT infrastructure that allows healthcare professionals to share data securely and appropriately, and serves as the prototype for advanced state-wide care management systems

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Our hope is to learn from the data that we gather to improve the overall context and to encourage better lifestyle choices.

–John Graham, Ph.D., P.M.P., Southern Piedmont Beacon Community

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