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Beacon Community Program

Central Indiana Beacon Community (Indianapolis, IN)

The state of Indiana

Overview and Goals

The Central Indiana Beacon Community (CIBC) is one of 17 ONC-funded Beacon Communities building and strengthening local health IT infrastructure and testing innovative approaches to make measurable improvements in health, care and cost. Meaningful Use of electronic health records (EHR) is the foundation of the exciting work in each community. Funded by the Office of the National Coordinator and led by the Indiana Health Information Exchange (IHIE), CIBC is working to strengthen Indiana's already robust health IT infrastructure and extend its exchange capabilities. CIBC is focused on:

  • Improving health outcomes for patients with diabetes by helping providers manage patient performance on measures of blood sugar and cholesterol
  • Improving health outcomes by increasing appropriate use of preventive services, such as immunizations and screening for cancers of the colon and cervix
  • Reducing hospital admissions and emergency room visits for patients with conditions that could have been treated in an outpatient setting
  • Strengthening health IT infrastructure and extending exchange capabilities to help physicians achieve measurable and sustainable improvements for patients

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We want to make a real impact on health care quality, and safety, and efficiency across the country.

–J. Marc Overhage, M.D, Ph.D., Central Indiana Beacon Community

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