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Beacon Community Program

Beacon Community of the Inland Northwest (Spokane, WA)

The state of Washington

Overview and Goals

The Beacon Community of the Inland Northwest (BCIN) is one of 17 Beacon Communities building and strengthening local health IT infrastructure and testing innovative approaches to make measurable improvements in health, care and cost. Meaningful Use of electronic health records (EHR) is the foundation of the exciting work in each community. Funded by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, BCIN focuses on clinical practice transformation through a robust technology framework, clinical decision support tools, and care coordination to improve care for patients with type 2 diabetes in eastern Washington and north Idaho, the hospital referral region around Spokane, Washington. Patients in this largely rural region receive care at many different locations and from many different providers. BCIN is focused on:

  • Improving regional outcomes for the type 2 diabetes population by integrating and coordinating care across clinical settings
  • Implementing a comprehensive, regional approach to disease management, with standardized metrics and evidence-based clinical decision support tools
  • Achieving optimal outcomes by leveraging IT applications that support information exchange, patient referrals, and coordinated care for patients with type 2 diabetes across a large geographical area
  • Implementing a sustainable reimbursement model, linked in part to programs that reward community-level performance

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It's all about getting providers together, getting them to use the best practices around managing someone with diabetes, and helping them share information no matter where it's collected…

–Jac Davies, Beacon Community of the Inland Northwest

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