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Your Health Records

About the Blue Button Movement

“Blue Button” is not only an image displayed on patient portals and other secure web sites that lets you know you can get your health information electronically, but it is also becoming a symbol of a movement toward an improved healthcare system in which patients and healthcare providers use information technology to work together and improve health.

Blue Button originated at the Veteran’s Administration as a symbol on its patient portal that beneficiaries could click to securely download their own health record electronically. Since then the Blue Button has spread beyond VA to other government agencies and the private sector. Responsibility for encouraging broader use of Blue Button and enhancing its technical standards was transferred to the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC), part of the Department of Health and Human Services, in 2012.

Now, via the Blue Button Pledge Program, more than 450 organizations are making personal health data available to Americans via their healthcare providers, health insurance companies, labs, and drug stores; building tools to make health information actionable for patients; and/or spreading the word about why all this matters.

As America’s healthcare system rapidly goes digital, these organizations are starting to give patients and consumers access to their health records electronically through the “Blue Button” mechanism which allows consumers to take action—download your own health information and use it!

Blue Button has also become a rallying cry for achieving the potential of patients and their families to engage via better health information and tools Blue Button and is becoming a movement. Won’t you join us?