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New Funding Announcements

Advance Interoperable Health Information Technology Services to Support Health Information Exchange Program


Grantees in this program will leverage the investments and lessons learned from the previous State HIE Program to advance the standardized, secure, and interoperable movement of health information across organizational, vendor, and geographic boundaries. Through the expansion and use of operational health information exchange infrastructure, grantees will seek to address workflow challenges and technical issues and improve the meaningful use of clinical data from external sources across the entire care continuum by:

  • Expanding the adoption of health information exchange technology, tools, services, and policies that enable interoperable exchange
  • Facilitating and enabling send, receive, find, and use capabilities to access health information from external sources and incorporate into care provider workflows
  • Increase integration of health information in interoperable health IT to support care processes and decision making

The awards will fund efforts to provide training, education, technical assistance, and workflow redesign support to assist eligible and non-eligible caregivers and individuals with incorporating health information exchange into their existing day-day workflows to improve care coordination, population management, and measurement reporting. Grantees will use interstate and intrastate partnerships to enable clinical and non-clinical caregivers across the entire continuum to send, receive, find, and use a common clinical data set across unaffiliated organizations, with the goal of improving care coordination and transitions of care. In addition, this program will promote the use of health information exchange through interoperable health IT to move towards a robust learning health system where data may be leveraged securely and effectively.

The Advance Interoperable Health Information Technology Services to Support Health Information Exchange FOA was a full and open competition that has allocated $29,678,441.00 to fund twelve (12) awards in the form of cooperative agreements for states, territories, or state designated entities to provide technical assistance services to both eligible and non-eligible Target Populations for a period of performance of two (2) years. This program utilizes categories of eligibility as defined in the EHR Incentive programs to identify, in part, providers and hospitals with which grantees will work. Grantees were required to select at least one (1) eligible care provider and at least two (2) non-eligible care providers for their target population from the list below in order to meet the funding requirements.

 Eligible Care Providers

 Non-Eligible Care Providers

Other care providers and settings across the entire care continuum

Eligible Professionals; Eligible Critical Access Hospitals

Long Term Post-Acute Care (Skilled Nursing Facilities, Home Health Agencies, Rehabilitation Facilities), Behavioral Health, Individual

Emergency Medical Services; Poison Control Centers; Pharmacy; Social Services; Public Health; Public Health Disaster Response Providers; Researchers

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*Due to program nuances, ONC reserves the right to amend the language of any proposed or answered Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), to reflect the best interest of this program.