Will I be required to meet the full amount of matching or cost sharing shown in my Notice of Grant Award, even if I do not spend the full amount of authorized Federal funding?

Your final required amount of matching is based on the actual, allowable costs incurred during the period covered by the match. If you have an unobligated balance of Federal funds at closeout (for awards with a single budget period) or at the end of the budget period within a project period comprised of multiple budget periods, your required matching would be adjusted downward. Similarly, if the Federal share of costs is reduced based on a determination that certain costs incurred are unallowable, the required matching would be reduced. If your award is subject to a negotiated amount of cost sharing, ONC has the discretion to reduce that amount in either of the above circumstances or require that you contribute the amount agreed to at the outset as a term of your award.

Content last reviewed on November 14, 2013
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