The Telehealth Resource Centers (TRCs) are funded by the federal Office for the Advancement of Telehealth to “serve as a focal point for advancing the effective use of telehealth and support access to telehealth services in rural and underserved communities.”1 The 12 TRCs specialize in regional concerns and are designed to “assist health care organizations, health care networks, and health care providers in the implementation of cost-effective telehealth programs to serve rural and medically underserved areas and populations.”2

Contact your regional Telehealth Resource Center to learn more.

For more information about telehealth training and education opportunities, see the following health information technology resources.

  • The TRC' Telehealth Training Module provides guidance in identifying available trainings and details the training content required by different staff providing or receiving telehealth services.
  • The TRCs National Webinar Series provides timely information and demonstrations by experienced telehealth professionals to support and guide the development of your telehealth program.
  • The American Telemedicine Association maintains a Meetings & Education section to keep telehealth stakeholders informed about upcoming conferences and forums on telemedicine.


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