What types of reports must I submit to ONC and how often?

During the project period, you must submit an annual financial report, a quarterly report of Federal cash transactions, program progress/performance reports as specified in your Notice of Grant Award, and, if your award is funded under the Recovery Act, quarterly Recovery Act reports. The annual Federal Financial Report (FFR or SF 425) that you submit to ONC using the Online Data Collection (OLDC) Tool is a report of your expenditures of ONC award funds and achievement of required matching or cost sharing (lines 10.d through 12). The reporting period for the FFR is October 1 through September 30, and the report is due to HHS no later than December 30 of each year the award is active. You also must submit a quarterly FFR Cash Transactions Report (lines 10a-c) of the SF-425 to the HHS Payment Management System (PMS). That report is due within 30 days after the end of the each calendar quarter (January 30, April 30, July 30, and October 30). Recovery Act reports must be submitted directly to www.federalreporting.gov and include the information required by that Act. You must submit a Recovery Act report each quarter even if you have not drawn funds from the Payment Management System during that quarter. You must submit reports of audits required by Office of Management and Budget A-133 to the Federal Audit Clearinghouse rather than directly to ONC.

Content last reviewed on November 14, 2013
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