What types of information does an auditor review under an A-133 audit? Is it similar to what ONC will review in a site visit?

A single audit consists of a financial statement audit and an audit of selected awards in an organization’s portfolio based on the size of individual awards and their significance to the organization, risk factors, and other criteria. If you have only a single Federal award meeting the single audit threshold, then the audit may be of that award only (program-specific).

When auditing a specific award as part of a single audit, the auditor will review compliance with the requirements that apply to the program under which the award was made, including allowable costs and matching, as well as the adequacy of the financial, property, and procurement systems. These compliance areas are based on the standards included in 45 CFR Part 74 and 92 and other terms and conditions of the award. Auditors do not ordinarily review programmatic reports you submit to ONC as these require programmatic expertise; however, they may review the Federal Financial Reports and Recovery Act reports you submitted during the period covered by the audit for the awards selected for review.

When performing a site visit or desk review, ONC will look at documentation similar to what an auditor requests, including payroll documentation, selection documentation for contracts under the award, invoices for purchased equipment and supplies, and documentation substantiating the value of third-party in-kind contributions. If your ONC award is reviewed by the Department of Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General, the auditor(s) may look at this general type of documentation or review something specific, based on the scope and objectives of the audit.

Content last reviewed on November 14, 2013
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