What training resources are available for electronic health record implementation?

The Basics

While training office staff and clinicians is one of the larger costs of electronic health record (EHR) implementation, training is crucial to realizing the full potential of your EHR. You can also use the following training materials, training tips, and educational opportunities to ensure your organization is ready for EHR implementation.

Your Local Regional Extension Center Can Help

Regional Extension Centers (RECs) are located in every region of the country to help health care providers select, implement, and become adept and meaningful users of electronic health records (EHR). RECs often provide on-site EHR implementation training, as well as training resources and advice. Contact your local REC to find out if you are eligible for free or reduced-price local EHR implementation support. 

For More Information

For more information on EHR implementation training, see the following resources.

Content last reviewed on May 2, 2019
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