What support do I need during go-live?

The Health IT Playbook suggests leveraging the following support mechanisms on electronic health record (EHR) implementation go-live day:

  • Discuss Go-Live With Your Vendor: Your vendor will normally provide some support during go-live and this should be outlined during the contract negotiation phase. If vendor representatives will not be onsite during go-live, make sure they are aware of your schedule so they can provide virtual support if needed.
  • Consider Adding Additional Staff: You may require staff to assist with training issues such as unexpected technical glitches. This may mean you need to hire temporary staff or temporarily re-assign existing staff to assist with go-live.
  • Engage Leadership: Engaged staff leadership (e.g., physician champion, nurse champion) can be an essential component of a successful go-live, so be sure to engage your staff leadership early and often.

The go-live plan should include a schedule for ensuring that all the above resources are available throughout the initial EHR implementation go-live period. Additionally, a go-live issue resolution plan and support structure can help users determine who to contact when they need help and eliminate any one person from becoming overloaded with issues.

Content last reviewed on September 10, 2019
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