You may have heard the term "BYOD" which means "Bring Your Own Device." BYOD refers to using a personally owned mobile device for work. Many organizations have centralized security management to ensure that every device using the organization’s information network is compliant with its security policies. Centralized security management includes:

  • Configuration requirements, such as installing remote disabling on all devices
  • Management practices, such as setting policy for individual users or a class of users

It is your responsibility to (1) tell the organization you are using your mobile device for work, (2) read the organization's mobile device policy and procedure so that you understand and can follow any policies and procedures, and (3) take training and education the organization offers related to mobile devices. Depending on available policies and procedures, you may need to determine what safeguards you need for your mobile device and configure them yourself.

If your organization does not have a mobile device policy, the Mobile Device Privacy and Security subsection of provides topics and questions organizations can consider when developing a mobile device policy and procedure. You can also read more about you, your organization, and your mobile device.

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