What is the role of each Curriculum Development Center and who are the awardees?

In April 2010, cooperative agreements were awarded to Oregon Health & Science University, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Johns Hopkins University, Columbia University, and Duke University. Each of these Curriculum Development Centers has been funded to develop, revise, and share curriculum components covering a specific set of health IT content areas. The Centers provide professional instructional design for the materials they produce.

Other responsibilities of each Curriculum Development Center include:

  • Facilitate collaboration with community colleges to ensure that the materials are suitable for the community college student population and methods of instruction
  • Ensure materials can be accessed electronically by students, allowing their use for distance education
  • Work with industry and employer groups to ensure that the materials will prepare students to meet emerging workforce needs
  • Collaborate with the community college consortium members in each region to support the dissemination and use of these materials

In addition, one Curriculum Development Center, Oregon Health & Science University, serves as the National Training and Dissemination Center (NTDC) for the materials.

Content last reviewed on January 15, 2013
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