What other options do I have to manage my care if I don’t use Blue Button?

You should already be taking care of yourself—or managing your care—by watching what you eat, exercising and taking advantage of preventive health benefits your health plan might offer. And many people are already keeping track of their care by using personal health records, but they have to input the information themselves after they visit their doctor. There are also many consumer e-health tools, such as mobile applications, that are available to help you manage your health outside the doctor’s office. These tools can help you remember to take your medications, better understand your condition, or help you better understand your body. When it becomes available to you (it may already be, but you need to check with your health plan or health care provider), Blue Button will provide you with pre-populated information so you won’t have to transcribe information about your health or your health treatments or procedures.
Content last reviewed on January 15, 2013
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