What is new or different in Version 3.0 compared to Version 2.0?

Many features have been added or substantially upgraded in Version 3.0:

  • New content has been added on the topics of meaningful use, privacy and security, public health, health care industry, contracting, and change management.
  • Some learning objectives have been added or changed in the blueprints.
  • Some components were largely rewritten to make them more experiential and less theoretical in approach. Examples include the topics of quality improvement and project management.
  • Content has been streamlined across components to reduce redundancy.
  • Professional voiceover services were used for all components.
  • A single set of templates was applied across all components to increase the consistency of the formatting. More spell-checking procedures and other quality checks were applied.
  • Accessibility features have been improved to enhance the learning experience for people with disabilities, such as alt-text for all images as well as more consistent use of bullets, columns, tables, and text boxes.

A document detailing the changes by each unit within a component can be found here [PDF - 134 KB].

Content last reviewed on January 15, 2013
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