What does ONC require to close out my award?

You must submit timely, complete, and accurate final reports, as specified by ONC (see Grants Management Advisory 2012-05), return any cash on hand to the HHS Payment Management System, and, if applicable, request disposition instructions for tangible personal property that you do not intend to use after closeout. You have up to 90 days following the end of the project period to submit required reports to ONC, which include a final Federal Financial Report, a final performance report, and a final Tangible Personal Property Report (even if such property was not acquired under your ONC award or you will continue to use property acquired under the award after closeout as permitted by 45 CFR 74.34(c) or 92.32(c)).

If you are unable to complete one or more of these reports by their due date, your authorized organizational representative must provide a written request for an extension of the due date before the report is due (see Grants Management Advisory 2012-05). ONC is not required to approve your request. If you do not submit your reports within the 90-day period or any approved extended due date, the reports are delinquent, however, you still must submit them. For reports that you do not submit directly to ONC, such as the Federal cash portion of the Federal Financial Report and Recovery Act reporting, you must comply with the requirements of those offices/portals.

Content last reviewed on April 29, 2019
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