What do I have to report in my final financial report? Is it similar to what I have reported on an annual basis?

You use the same form for your final financial report that we required you to submit on an annual basis—the Federal Financial Report (SF 425). The final report must include any expenditures since the end of the reporting period covered by your last annual report, even if the expenditures are for a few months only. For example, your last annual report covered a period ending 9/30; if your project period ends on 3/31, your final report, which is due no later than 6/30, must include expenditures from 10/1 through 3/31. The final report must show “0” for unliquidated obligations. You should not submit the report if you still have obligations to liquidate at the end of the 90-day period. In this case you must request an extension of the due date for the report. Also, you must report the exact balance of unobligated Federal funds as we will issue a Notice of Grant Award that adjusts the final award amount to what was spent and shows an adjusted non-federal share, and deobligate the remaining funds.

Content last reviewed on November 14, 2013
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