My project period will be ending in the next few months? What should I do now?

You can begin to prepare for closeout several months in advance of the end of the project period if you know that your performance is on schedule to end by that date. This may include ensuring that any unliquidated obligations can be liquidated before the end of the project period or within 90 days after it ends, beginning preparation of your final performance report, and making determinations concerning continued use of tangible personal property acquired under your ONC award. However, if there are any performance aspects that you believe should continue beyond that date, you must submit a request to ONC for a no-cost extension of the budget period/project period. The request must indicate why the extension is needed and indicate the extent to which remaining funds would be used in the extended period. Use of unobligated funds is not sufficient reason to request a no-cost extension.

Content last reviewed on November 14, 2013
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