How do I best plan for system go-live?

EHR Implementation Go-Live Checklist

To best plan for your electronic health record (EHR) implementation go-live date, use the EHR Implementation Go-Live Planning Checklist. You can use the go-live checklist as part of your EHR Implementation plan to identify any issues that need to be addressed before EHR implementation. The checklist will help eliminate some of the "gotcha's" that often occur on the first day of EHR implementation.

Planning for System EHR Implementation Go-Live

Make sure to cover all aspects of the EHR Implementation cycle and allocate enough time to become familiar with new tasks. Your organization should complete the following tasks before your EHR implementation go-live.1

  • Test your EHR
  • Begin training your staff in the EHR application and on new policies and procedures
  • Ask your staff to create usernames and passwords
  • Complete a "patient walkthrough" to simulate an entire patient visit
  • Place signs in offices and hallways to notify patients the go-live is taking place and to request their patience through the process

For More Information

The following resources may also help your organization build your EHR implementation plan:


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Content last reviewed on April 15, 2019
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