Does ONC provide any of the expanded authorities included in 45 CFR Part 74 or Part 92?

ONC does not provide any of the expanded authorities in 45 CFR 74.25(d) or 92.30. As a result, under any circumstances, you must request ONC’s prior approval to (1) incur costs that, based on the Office of Management and Budget cost principles, the HHS grants administration regulations, the HHS Grants Policy Statement, or other terms and conditions of the award, require prior approval; (2) carry over an unobligated balance of Federal funds in one budget period to another budget period; (3) subaward or contract out substantive programmatic work; and (4) extend the project period without additional costs (“no-cost extension”). See Grants Management Advisory 2011-07 for the process for obtaining ONC prior approval.

Content last reviewed on April 29, 2019
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