It depends if your health care providers, health insurance company, or other organizations that manage your health records (e.g. pharmacy, lab, etc.) offer Blue Button. You may be able to get your health information from several sources and compile it for a more complete picture of your health. The best way to find out is to ask. Although Blue Button is in its early stages, it is expanding rapidly. If you are a Medicare beneficiary, a veteran or an active service member you can get secure, electronic access to your health records today by clicking the Blue Button icon within your Medicare, VA, or military health patient portal. More and more doctors, health insurance companies and hospitals are offering “patient portals” through which patients and their families can view and download their health records.

Even if your healthcare providers don’t offer Blue Button, they are required under the law to let you see and get a copy of your health records. Read about your rights in this document [PDF - 82 KB] which you can download and take to your provider. This video also explains your rights.