#41 Question [06-13-041-1]

Can Surescripts’ version of the e-prescribing standard, NCPDP SCRIPT 8.1, called “SCRIPT 8.1E” be used to satisfy the 2011 Edition EHR certification criterion for electronic prescribing (45 CFR 170.304(b))?


Yes. While NCPDP SCRIPT 8.1 is the specific version of the SCRIPT standard ONC incorporated by reference in its final rule for the 2011 Edition EHR certification criteria, it is our understanding that an EHR technology implemented to follow “SCRIPT 8.1E” would be compliant with the general NCPDP SCRIPT 8.1 standard for non-controlled substances, since SCRIPT 8.1E supports the electronic prescribing of both non-controlled and controlled substances.

Additionally, we note that CMS officially retired NCPDP SCRIPT 8.1 as a Part D e-prescribing standard in the calendar year 2013 physician fee schedule final rule (77 FR 68892, 69330). Thus, as of November 1, 2013 only NCPDP SCRIPT 10.6 will be permitted for Part D e-prescribing.


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