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Strategic Health IT Advanced Research Projects (SHARP) Final Evaluation Report; Appendix C: SHARP Output Inventory



ONC established the SHARP program to support innovative research and to address well-documented problems that impede the adoption and use of health IT. The program covers four subject areas managed by four distinct project groups: health IT security (SHARPS), patient-centered cognitive support (SHARPc), health care application and network design (SMART), and secondary use of EHR information (SHARPn). This dataset provides the full inventory of project outputs from the SHARP program, ranging from presentations and manuscripts to APIs and software.

*This data is API accessible. See /api for documentation and guidance on how to use the API.

Data Field Data Description Additional Information
sharp_project SHARP Project Group // The SHARP program is divided into four distinct projects: SHARPS (health IT security), SHARPc (patient-centered cognitive support), SHARPn (secondary use of EHR information), and SMART (health care application and network design). SHARPS/SHARPn/SHARPc/SMART
project_output_type Type of Project Output // The type of project outputs developed or presented by contributors to each SHARP project abstract, application, blog, challenge, patent, portal, poster, presentation, publication, recommendations, report, resource, software, testimony, video, workshop
project_title Project Output Title // The title of the project output
contributors_team Project Output Contributors and/or Team // The individual names of project contributors and/or the team names contributing to each project
project_description Project Output Description // Description of the project output
project_website Project Output Web Access // Web access to more information about the project output and/or direct access to the project output

The output inventory was collected for the evaluation of the SHARP program by ONC and its contractors with assistance from the project teams.

Content last reviewed on August 4, 2021
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