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Federal Health IT Strategic Plan



The Federal Health IT Strategic Plan 2015-2020 explains how the federal government intends to apply the effective use of information and technology to help the nation achieve high-quality care, lower costs, a healthy population, and engaged individuals. The work described in this Plan aims to modernize the U.S. health IT infrastructure so that individuals, their providers, and communities can use it to help achieve health and wellness goals. The Plan goals, objectives, and strategies outline how this work will be organized and tracked over the term of this Plan. Access the full list of goals, objectives, and strategies below.

*This data is API accessible. See /api for documentation and guidance on how to use the API.

Data Field Data Description Additional Information
data_type Type of Data // The type of data provided in this open data set. This data set provides direct access to the Federal Health IT Strategic Plan's full list of goals, objectives, and strategies.
plan_goal Strategic Plan Goal // The numbered Plan goal. The Plan contains four distinct goals.
plan_objective Strategic Plan Objective // An objective listing for each Plan goal. Each goal contains its owns distinct objectives. The objective letter can be combined with the goal number to create a unique goal/objective combination. For example, 1A, 2C, or 4D.
plan_strategy Strategic Plan Strategy // A strategy listing for each objective. Each objective has several strategies. Strategies are numbered.
statement Goal, Objective, or Strategy Statement // The full text of the Plan goal, objective,or strategy. The statement contains all the information for each goal, objective, and strategy.

The Federal Health IT Strategic Plan was developed through the collaboration of over thirty-five federal agencies, private stakeholders, local and state governments, and the input of the public through an open comment period. The goals, objectives, and strategies were conceived by these bodies and organizations. The Plan's creation was managed by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC), an agency of the U.S. Department for Health and Human Services.

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