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Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology. 'State Health IT Policy Levers Compendium,' Health IT Dashboard. December 2015.

The Compendium contains 32 distinct policy levers and over 300 examples of how states use these levers to promote health IT and advance interoperability. See the full list of policy levers and their descriptions to learn more about each policy and its connection to health IT and interoperability.

You can view the data from the Compendium's Example Activities Catalogue by policy lever through the interactive app below. See the Notes for access to the data and more information about the Compendium.

Use the App: Begin by selecting a policy from the drop-down list. Your selection creates a map that shows those states with documented activities related to the selected policy lever and a table, below the map, with the description of each state's activity(s) and the information source.


All Policy Levers
States with documented uses of this policy lever to promote health IT and advance interoperability

Shaded states represent policy levers and associated activities documented by ONC and its state partners. See Notes for more details.

The information contained in this compendium was collected by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) in coordination with state governments. This is a living document that requires continuous collaboration and engagement with states and other entities to identify all levers and activities used by states to promote health IT and advance interoperability. ONC expects to maintain the Compendium via periodic updates. The initial release will serve as a foundation upon which ONC will work with states to update and refine the information in the tool. It will also allow ONC to make improvements to the structure and possibly the format of the Compendium.

Data Limitations:

  1. The Compendium does not represent a comprehensive analysis of all policies that impact health IT and interoperability;
  2. The Compendium does not represent an endorsement of any particular policy lever or activity, nor does it evaluate the effectiveness or impact of any activity;
  3. The data sources were limited in their scope. The comprehensiveness of example activities occurring within a state or the level of details documented may vary between and within states. ONC suggests states also research other sources, such as George Washington University's website,, which contains information about state-level privacy and security laws and other policies; 
  4. The policy levers described in the Compendium are not necessarily mutually exclusive, i.e., some levers could be included in the description or interoperability uses of other levers. The Compendium seeks to achieve a balance between strict categorization and ensuring that levers are labelled in the most useful manner possible. See the State Points of Contact List to contact ONC's state collaborators for the Compendium.
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