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2017 Interoperability in Action Day!

interoperability day


About ONC Tech Lab's Inaugural Interoperability in Action Day

Organized by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC), this daylong event on 3/20/2017 highlighted many of the successful standards and technology engagements ONC has supported to advance the electronic exchange of health information. The webcast showcased our most recent challenge contest winners and updates from the High Impact Pilot and Standards Exploration Award winners among other featurettes. Presentations highlighted interoperability in action from coast to coast. This event provided an opportunity for participants to learn about new and exciting advances being demonstrated in the field.

Slides from the presenters and recordings of the webcasts are available at

Interoperability in Action Day Agenda


Morning Session: ONC App Challenge Presentations


Session Title



Kick-off and Opening Remarks

Steve Posnack (ONC)


Consumer Health Data Aggregator Challenge - (2)

  • PatientLink Enterprises
  • Green Circle Health 

Twitter Handles:
@MyPatientLink @GreenCircleH

Adam Wong (ONC)
Debi Willis
Dinesh Sheth


Provider UX Challenge - (2)

  • Herald Health
  • Utah / Intermountain / Duke

Twitter Handles:
@HeraldHealthInc @UofUHealth @Intermountain @DukeHealth @DukeInnovate

Adam Wong (ONC)
Brad Diephuis
Ken Kawamoto


Resource Spotlight:
SMART App Gallery BETA - (1)

Twitter Handles:
@SMARTHealthIT  @BostonChildrens

Stephanie Garcia (ONC)
Daniel Gottlieb


Move Health Data Forward Challenge - (5)

  • CedarBridge Group
  • EMR Direct
  • Foxhall Wythe LLC
  • Live & Leave Well
  • Lush Group, Inc

Twitter Handles:
@CedarBridgeHIT  @EMRDirect @HelloDocket

Papia Paul (ONC)
Jim Younkin
Luis C. Maas
Michael Perretta
Jocelyn Houle
Nancy Lush


Break for Transition (15 minutes)


Afternoon Session: Explorations into the Possible


Med List Project - (7)

  • Medisafe
  • RxRevu
  • CareEvolution
  • Cedars-Sinai + EPIC
  • Hackensack University Medical Center + EPIC
  • Trinity Health + CERNER
  • NY Presbyterian (using CareEvolution) + Allscripts + Weil Cornell (using CareEvolution) + Epic

Twitter Handles:
@MedisafeApp @RxRevu @careevolution @CedarsSinai @CedarsInnovate @HackensackUMC @Cerner @nyphospital @Allscripts

Tricia Lee Wilkins/Avinash Shanbhag (ONC)
Omri Shor
Peregrin Marshall, Carm Huntress
Vik Kheterpal, Michele Mottini
Anastasia Perchem (ONC)
Ray Duncan, MD, Danielle Friend
Jeremy Marut, Modi Boutrs
Jeff Poiner, Eric Hartz
Virginia Lorenzi, John Parry, Matt Lipton, and Tina Joros
Anastasia Perchem (ONC)


Resource Spotlight:
C-CDA Scorecard w/ “One Click Score” - (1)

Matt Rahn (ONC)


High Impact Pilots (HIP) - (4)

  • Health Collaborative
  • Lantana
  • RxREVU
  • Utah

Twitter Handles:
@hcollaborative @HealthBridgeHIO @lantana_group @RxRevu

Tracy Okubo/Mera Choi (ONC)
Jason Buckner
Rick Geimer
Weston Blakeslee
Nic Kostman
Trent Kriete
Carm Huntress
Peregrin Marshall
Benjamin Brooke
Guilherme Del Fiol
Ken Kawamoto
Julie Beckstrom


Standards Exploration Awards (SEA) - (3)

  • Arkansas
  • SysBioChem

Twitter Handles:
@AR_OHIT @CincyChildrens

Shirley Tyson
Jan Bartlett
Keith Marsolo
Deven Atnoor


Blockchain in Healthcare - (1)

  • TMI
  • Nucleaus
  • HealthPassport 

Twitter Handles:

Debbie Bucci (ONC)
Lily Bragg/Uppi Reddy
Chris Hafey
Tom Nguyen
Debbie Bucci (ONC)


Event Ends