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Privacy & Security

Model Notices of Privacy Practices

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) and the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) have collaborated to develop model Notices of Privacy Practices for health care providers and health plans to use to communicate with their patients and plan members.

Styles of Model Notices

Developed with input from consumers and key stakeholders, the model Notices are provided in three different styles and are customizable by users.  Health care providers and health plans may use these models by entering some of their own information into the model, such as contact information, and then printing for distribution and posting on their websites. 

The three options are:

  • Notice in the form of a booklet
  • A layered notice with a summary of the information on the first page and full content on the following pages
  • A notice with the design elements of the booklet, but that is formatted for full-page presentation

Additionally, a text-only version is available for health care providers and health plans who only wish to use the content. 

View and download the model notices

Why Use These Model Notices?

The HIPAA Privacy Rule gives patients a right to be informed of the privacy practices of health care providers and health plans and of their privacy rights regarding their personal health information.  Health care providers and health plans that are subject to HIPAA are required to develop and distribute a notice that provides a clear, user-friendly explanation of these rights and practices. 

These model Notices can help providers and plans by

  • reflecting the recent regulatory changes to the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules
  • serving as the baseline for covered health providers and plans working to come into compliance with the new requirements

Find more information about the HIPAA Privacy Rule and the Notice requirements