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ONC Health IT Certification

Certification Program guidance: Questions or feedback about the ONC Health IT Certification Program and its certified criteria
Report Certified Products: questions or feedback on the functionality of ONC Health IT certified products in the live environment; please include product name and version

Information Blocking

Report persons, entities, or business practices that are interfering with appropriate access, exchange, or use of electronic health information

Please include in your description the following:

  • Originating institution
    • Location (State/City/etc.)
    • Health IT system and version
  • Terminating institution
    • Location (State/City/etc.)
    • Health IT system and version
  • Type of transaction
  • Timestamp
  • Failure notice
  • Any other related information


Questions or feedback about the electronic exchange of health information

Health IT Safety

Questions or feedback about the use or implementation of a health IT product that appears to adversely affect patient safety, resulting in actual or perceived harm, a near miss (close call), and/or unsafe conditions


Usability – Interface: Questions or feedback about the display of information, the layout or location of information, and/or the ease of navigating to specific information within an electronic health record (EHR)
Usability – Cognitive Support: Questions or feedback about the support of clinical workflow (particularly, workflow designed to prevent errors of omission), clinical decision support (CDS), and/or the organization and grouping of information to assist clinical decision-making

Privacy and Security

Questions or feedback about system security, privacy rules and safe guards.
Administrative Safeguards: Questions or feedback about 45 CFR §164.308(a)(4)(i)

Medical Records Access

Problems Getting Medical Records: Questions or feedback about challenges getting access to medical records
Medical Record System Down: Relaying information about a medical record system no longer being operational

Certified Health IT Products List (CHPL)

Questions or feedback about ONC’s CHPL site (

ONC Events, Media, and Web Inquiries

Speaking Engagements – send all requests to
Events – Annual Meetings, HIMSS, AMIA, Health Datapalooza etc.
Media – inquiries from the press or other media outlets
Web Updates – website links not working or trouble finding a page ONC Email Listserv – subscription updates

Health IT Standards

Questions or feedback about issues with standards or implementation specifications used in health IT to include: ONC Tech Labs, EU-US MOU, PDMP, PCOR, eLTSS, HIP/SEA FOA, CDC Opioid Standards Work, PCOR Coordinated Registry Network, PCOR SDC and DAF, Labs Pilot and Standards Work, Data Provenance Challenge, FHIR Security Challenge, API Education, Interoperability Proving Ground, PMI Sync for Genes, Legislative/Executive Sec./MACRA, Quality Measures, Tacoma/Cypress/Certification for Quality Measures, VSAC, Clinical Decision Support, CDC Opioid Standards Work

Public Health

Questions or feedback about public health and health IT, including opioids

Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement (TEFCA)

Comments for proposed ONC Trusted Exchange Framework

Security Risk Assessment (SRA) Tool

Questions, comments, or feedback about the SRA Tool. This includes any trouble in using the tool or problems/bugs with the application itself. Also, please feel free to leave any suggestions on how we could improve the tool in the future.

Content last reviewed on July 19, 2019
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