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Prescription Drug Monitoring Program - Arizona Board of Pharmacy

The PDMP & Health IT Integration pilots are a standards-based interoperable approach to the exchange of data between PDMPs and health IT systems  in order to streamline PDMP access within clinical workflow.  Pilots are underway to test PDMP and health IT interoperability using one of two potential standards (NCPDP SCRIPT or ASAP web service). The Arizona PMP is connected to the PMP interconnect hub and is currently sharing with 17 other states. As a member of this initiative, AZ is very interested in being involved in one of these pilots. They are interested in a pilot with either a EHR or Pharmacy system. They would leverage the current connectivity to the PMP interconnect hub and then via PMP Gateway translate (as needed) PMP requests and responses between the AZ PMP and the other pilot partners. They are just offering to be the state PMP partner of a pilot that will need to have an EHR or a Pharmacy System partner connecting through the PMP interconnect hub via PMP Gateway. They would of course have to review the details of any specific pilot proposal before being able to commit.
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