Clinical Quality Framework Pilot- HHS/CDC

The goal of this pilot was to demonstrate the usability of the new specifications (Quality Improvement and Clinical Knowledge or QUICK data model, Clinical Quality Language or CQL), determine where the standards need improvement, and to provide experiential input on how the specifications will serve future implementations in Electronic Health Record systems. This pilot was focused on how QUICK and CQL can be successfully tailored to suit the needs of implementers interested in supporting clinical decision support (CDS) and clinical quality measures (CQM) for screening, treatment, and follow-up of chlamydia trachomatis infection in community settings. 

Additional benefits of the pilot include: 
- Broader visibility into the harmonized standards being developed in HL7 
- Ability to leverage initiative resources
- Contribution to unification of the CDS/CQM community 
- Recognition as an early adopter.
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  • CDS
  • CQF
  • CQL
  • eCQM
  • HHS
  • QDM
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