SDC Pilot-UCSF (University of California San Francisco)

Initial development will be at UCSF and use Epic as the Electronic Health Record (EHR) System and I-SPY for the Clinical Trial. The proposed workflow is as follows: 1. An invitation is sent via email to the pathologist asking them to complete, within a week of surgery, the Checklist that contains the required data (pCR) for the primary endpoint (pCR) of the I-SPY 2 Trial 2. The pathologist signs on to Epic and accesses the Checklist form. 3. Epic pre-populates the Checklist form with structured data already in Epic. 4. The I-SPY eCRF (Post-Surgery Summary Form in the case of I-SPY 2) is updated. Future releases will move us toward the ultimate goal which is to create an EHR-agnostic and Therapeutic Area-agnostic that eliminates manual re-entry and minimizes or eliminates manual source data verification.
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