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Electronic Long-Term Services and Supports (eLTSS) Pilot - Kno2

The eLTSS (Electronic Long-Term Services and Supports) pilots will facilitate the development of basic elements for eventual inclusion in electronic standards. These standards will enable the creation, exchange and re-use of interoperable service plans by beneficiaries, community-based long-term services and supports providers, payers, health care providers and the individuals they serve. Kno2 is cloud platform that is standards based for Interoperability using elements of Direct messaging for transport, delivery and processing of any payload including structured and unstructured information to and from any actor and system of record. The information and documents include HL7 standard formats like C-CDA and ADT as well as PDF, JPG, TIF, Systems of records can range from MU2 certified EMR to a paper based organization. All unstructured payload is transformed into C-CDA at time of origin or receipt and transported on the Surescripts HISP, which is the largest HISP and provider directory in the US. Kno2 enables interoperability for all organizations and actors that exchange clinical information and do not currently have a Direct messaging.
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