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Coronavirus Testing for the Homeless

According to the CDC, homeless individuals who have COVID-19 symptoms should alert a service provider, such as a case manager, homeless shelter staff, or other care provider in their community. These staff members can assist the individual with assessing their symptoms, isolating, and receiving testing and medical attention as needed.

If a homeless individual experiencing COVID-19 symptoms does not have access to a service provider or homeless shelter, an alternative is to visit a hospital emergency room or urgent care center.

Where can homeless individuals get tested for COVID-19?
Criteria for diagnostic testing is determined by state and local health departments and local healthcare providers. Service providers like case managers, homeless shelter staff, or social workers can connect homeless individuals with healthcare providers to determine their eligibility for testing, and arrange a COVID-19 diagnostic test, if necessary.

The federal government has established programs to help uninsured individuals, including people experiencing homelessness, get tested for COVID-19. Additionally, some cities with significant homeless populations, such as San Francisco, are holding testing events specifically for people experiencing homelessness.
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