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EMDI- NewWave Telecom & Technologies Inc. Interoperability Pilot

Organization: NewWave Telecom & Technologies Inc. POC: Vignesh Rajan, Tech Director; Aaron Seib, Senior Vice President, Informatics Pilot Goal: NewWave is committed to improving healthcare by making it easier for providers to benefit from the emerging FHIR standards being implemented across the country. When this pilot generates subjective measures of improved services used by providers and patients that can be shared with the boarder community, we will have accomplished an important component of our justification for participation in the EMDI project. We believe that we will learn a lot from the practical experience of this project and will be able to leverage our experience for work we have done in the past- like our FHIR related activities in relation to the BB 2.0 API. Ultimately, the true measure of our work on this project will be to have an active role in supporting CMS in accomplishing the goals of the EMDI project and being an active contributor to the growth of knowledge in implementing FHIR in practical real-world environments. 
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  • C-CDA
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  • EMDI
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